Skin & Appearance Consultations

Come in for a no obligation consultation. During your consultation a full medical history will be taken along with a total face assessment where Smitee will look at skin quality & volume loss.  Smitee will discuss treatment options, realistic expectations, safety and any concerns you may have.

Your treatment & skin care will be tailored to you so that the best possible outcome can be achieved.

Look forward to meeting you! 🙂

“Great products, your guidance Smitee has help my skin so much! Love your work.”

J, Wellington

“I have been going to Smitee for a few years now and have not looked back. We have done a range of treatments over this time, and we have even evolved my skincare routine to the point where I am super happy with where I am and with the products I am using. Smitee’s practice and ethos is anchored in ‘skin care, rejuvenation and a natural result’ and I can attest to that.

I am always pleased with my results that last me from visit to visit. I can’t speak highly enough or recommend her highly enough – make an appointment, you’ll be pleased you did.”
Taylor, Wellington
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