Microneedling-Dermapen 4

Micro needling treatments use a vibrating tool with tiny needles to penetrate the upper layers of the skin. The appropriate needle depth is used for the concern, and this causes thousands of punctures to the surface of the skin. This causes natural growth factors to be released, allowing nourishing hyaluronan to be infused deep into the skin, stimulating new collagen deposition.

Dermal needling stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin in the skin. It refines pores, may soften lines, reduces scarring, improves texture and radiance as well as improving the appearance of stretch marks. Brown pigment may also be reduced.

Dermapen 4® is the most trusted partner for medical practitioners and licensed skin care professionals providing micro needling treatments. Over many years of development, Dermapen has perfected the science of micro needling with advanced, patented technology.

“Great products, your guidance Smitee has help my skin so much! Love your work.”

J, Wellington

“I have been going to Smitee for a few years now and have not looked back. We have done a range of treatments over this time, and we have even evolved my skincare routine to the point where I am super happy with where I am and with the products I am using. Smitee’s practice and ethos is anchored in ‘skin care, rejuvenation and a natural result’ and I can attest to that.

I am always pleased with my results that last me from visit to visit. I can’t speak highly enough or recommend her highly enough – make an appointment, you’ll be pleased you did.”
Taylor, Wellington
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