A treatment for excessive sweating under the arms. Botulinum toxin for non-cosmetic concerns are increasingly popular; as people are becoming more aware of the benefits this treatment can provide.
This is a quick non invasive procedure with minimal pain and no downtime, this makes for an attractive treatment option.

Botulinum toxin can be very effective in reducing the amount of sweat an individual produces, by preventing the sweat glands from activating. Treatment involves product being injected superficially under the skin of the underarm area.

The treatment can take up to two weeks to take effect. For the majority of people, hyperhidrosis treatment has very good longevity. 4- 6 months of reduced sweating can be expected.

Treatment is aimed at normalising your sweating patterns rather than eliminating them; however, most people experience a significant reduction in sweating. Clients have reported this has made a significant change to their confidence and quality of life.

“Great products, your guidance Smitee has help my skin so much! Love your work.”

J, Wellington

“I have been going to Smitee for a few years now and have not looked back. We have done a range of treatments over this time, and we have even evolved my skincare routine to the point where I am super happy with where I am and with the products I am using. Smitee’s practice and ethos is anchored in ‘skin care, rejuvenation and a natural result’ and I can attest to that.

I am always pleased with my results that last me from visit to visit. I can’t speak highly enough or recommend her highly enough – make an appointment, you’ll be pleased you did.”
Taylor, Wellington
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